WilBea DME


Endless Caring and a True Partner with Hospice. Providing medical equipment is just the first on a long list of ways we help our patients feel comfortable in their final days. From 24/7 on call to in-services for hospice nurses and staff, we help our partners grow as well as take any call at anytime for any situation.

Hospice Training

Our partnership with hospices starts before we deliver a single piece of equipment. The hospice staff is trained over the phone as well as in person on our ordering system and procedures. We then provide equipment in-services at the request of hospice on any of our durable medical equipment.

Staff Training

Our endless caring begins with our staff. Each employee regardless of position is specifically trained to handle the hospice environment. Both software and hands on training is required before a technician delivers their first piece of equipment. Once our technicians are out on the road, they continue their training with up to date software and in-services.

Patient Training

Patient care extends beyond just delivering equipment. Instructing a patient on how to use the equipment is just as important. We pride ourselves in helping every patient fully understand the equipment before we leave their house. Our drivers understand the need of hospice patients and are specially trained with their needs in mind. Each patient, no matter how simple the equipment, is given both oral and written instructions with the information they need to know about operating the equipment, troubleshooting simple issues, and performing preventative maintenance if necessary. To better assist our patients as well as their nurses, our drivers do not leave until the patient fully understands the equipment, no matter how long that takes.


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