WilBea DME

Technology Touch

Providing medical equipment is just the first on a long list of ways we help our patients feel comfortable in their final days. From 24/7 on call to in-services for hospice nurses and staff, we help our partners grow as well as take any call at anytime for any situation.

Ordering System

Our online ordering system combined with our extensive equipment selection makes it easy to find and order the specific equipment needed to make any patient comfortable. Also, there is no third party involved in our ordering process. When our hospice partners place an order, it goes directly to the local office and is seen by the same person who dispatches the order. No approval is necessary and we deliver anything our partners order.

Equipment Tracking

At any time, the delivery status of any order placed in the system can be determined with the click of a button. Because of this, our partners always know if their order has left the warehouse or has been delivered, allowing them to focus on managing their nurses and patients.

Expense Management

Twenty-four hours a day, our partners can review how much they are spending in each area of DME. Anytime access and reporting allows them to better project upcoming costs and plan accordingly.

Cost Control

Each hospice serves a unique patient population and the result is a unique, one of a kind, ever changing ordering behavior. Custom equipment lists/prices allow hospices to shift costs to become more economically efficient.


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