WilBea DME

The WilBea Touch

Hospice care is not like other home health care programs. We understand that it requires a more caring attitude; an attitude focused not on curing, but on peace of mind. But why WilBea? Because we are always serving our patients.

Unlike our competitors, we operate on the schedule of the patient instead of forcing them to conform to ours. When they want the equipment delivered is when they get it. This allows us to begin accommodating a patient’s needs the moment they come on service. A caring attitude and mindset are a requirement to work at WilBea and our employees are kind by choice. From our drivers to our managers, and up to the owners of the company, we love what we do, and that’s why we do it.​​

We are not just another equipment company; we are a partner who compliments the service of those with whom we work. Hospice patients deserve the best equipment and service and WilBea provides it regardless of the patient’s condition, gender, race, or economic status.


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